Nataliia Ignatiadi is not only the embodiement of an artistic creation and poetry, she is also a professional in her field.

Born in Grozny, Russia, in 1967, she soon showed a great talent for the arts. There she graduated from the art school, where she immediately skipped the first course.

But that did not quench her thirst for new stylish painting techniques and masterful orientations. Therefore, she then devoted herself to studying at the Abramtsevo Art-Industrial College, named after V.M. Wasnezow, in the city of Khotkovo, Russia, which she graduated as a certified ceramic designer.

To expand her skills in the field, Nataliia worked as a porcelain designer at FENIX GIFTS in Kislovodsk, Russia, and later internationally for ROYAL TARA Fine Bone China, Galway, Ireland.

Already there formed her motto:

“Art is a lifestyle – I’m its creator!”

Not wanting to specify on one art direction, she devoted herself to experimenting with various styles, including digital art. Her unrestrained inspiration comes, among other things, from beautiful, feminine faces. Hence her tendency to portraits.

As common for a creative personality, Natalia’s hobbies are also in the innovative milieu. Therefore, she loves fashion, creates new make-up looks and hairstyles, is interested in interior design and landscaping, and engaged in aquarium keeping. Her diverse talents pay off with a sea of wonderful ideas for her art.

Both in graphics and in painting, Nataliia has her own style of recognition.

Her flexibility allows her to work both on order and to sell her finished art. Her paintings, individual lettering, as well as portraits are in private collections in different parts of the world.

If you have questions, you can reach Nataliia via email or private message via Instagram.